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The Back Page – March 23 2012

It would be Joan Crawford's 107th birthday today. Here she is with Clark Gable (111), who is wearing what I sincerely hope is his costume from Mutiny on the Bounty and not just casualwear. She, of course, is cosplaying as Popeye.

Big release this week is obviously The Hunger Games, which I assume, following the lead of Battleship, is a big-budget Hungry Hungry Hippos adaptation. But sod it – we’ve been quite excited about Spike off of Press Gang’s Wild Bill since last year’s London Film Festival so…


Not that we want you to leave us, but here’s a nice article about film criticism in the 60s/70s.

Or you could stick around and read a MostlyFilm article from this week. All crackers:

There’s Always Two Lawyers, Kenneth Lonergan talking about screenwriting.

Sweeney Todd, our review of the new stage production.

The Ever-Expanding White Cube, on the art gallery chain.

Black Coal Heart, on the somewhat overlooked genre of British noir.

Join us next week for smooches, aliens, tiny furniture and a load of slap.

New(ish) art galleries: the ever-expanding White Cube

by Ann Jones

Inside the White Cube.

When White Cube opened its doors on Duke Street, St James’s in 1993 it was to a small first floor room – a perfect white cube. One of the smallest gallery spaces in Europe, but one which quickly became one of the most influential. The gallery functioned as a project space and artists showed there only once. At the time West End galleries were stuffy places, traditional art dealers selling the work of long-established and often long-dead artists on the secondary market. Video installations by Gary Hill or large scale, colourful assemblages by Jessica Stockholder didn’t go with the territory. With Victoria Miro Gallery, then on Cork Street, being perhaps the most notable exception, contemporary art happened elsewhere (sometimes elsewhere in the West End or thereabouts, but nonetheless, elsewhere).

Within a few years, White Cube expanded east to Hoxton Square but retained the Duke Street space, and went on to construct a purpose-built space in Mason’s Yard, the first new free-standing building in St James’s in over three decades. White Cube then has defied expectations from the start. But even so, the space is Bermondsey opened in October 2011 is in another league.

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