The Back Page – April 13 2012

It’s Friday! The thirteenth!

Howard Keel
Howard Keel would have been 93 today; here's a picture of him all casual like, just readin' the papers like he's not Wild Bill Hickok. WHICH HE TOTALLY IS.

I’m not jazzed by the release schedule this week (except A Night to Remember), but, uh, let’s see, The Cabin in the Woods is finally out, so let’s all have a look at the trailer:

Oh, right, OK, so it’s a sci-fi slasher film. Cube crossed with Friday 13th – which is apt, given the date. Wait, though, doesn’t that make it Jason X? Yeah, in your boiled egg face, Whedon!

I couldn’t let you go without giving you a link to this blog post on movie titles. Your life will be enriched by the creator of The Idiotmaker’s Gravity Tour, I promise you.

Or you could read a MostlyFilm post. Not as many as usual this week:

Personal Jesuses, a somewhat blasphemous group piece on unusual Jesus figures

Planks vs Zombies, a slaughter of the Walking Dead innocents/numskulls.

Hair Apparent, a run-through of some jarring hair and makeup in period films.

Join us next week for the end of days for the Titanic and the telly, plus the Terracotta film festival and our review of Breathing.

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