Mostly Links – Friday the 13th edition

Feeling lucky, punk? Space-filling nonsense from Indy Datta after the jump.


A small number of high quality links this week, link-“hounds”.

First, a shameless plug for friends of MF the Badlands Film Collective, who will be screening Jacques Rivette’s OUT1 in a couple of weekends’ time at the Prince Charles Cinema. Details at the link for people who think that devoting a mere day of one’s life to a screening of Sátántangó, for instance, is for lightweights.

Second, an awestruck nod to friend of MF Scout Tafoya, and his brilliant series of video essays The Unloved, over at This month’s instalment takes in Juan Lopez Moctezuma’s The Mansion of Madness and Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak.

Third, sworn enemies of MF, Little White Lies, have ranked all the films (and, for good measure, most of the TV) of Steven Spielberg. I couldn’t agree more with their first choice. We might have a review of Spielberg’s new film Bridge of Spies soon. Or we might not! Life is like a box of chocolates, like it says in that famous Steven Spielberg film.

There won’t be a blog post on Monday, because the dog ate my homework, but later in the week we’ll be bringing you a very special feature for BUT WHEN IS IT INTERNATIONAL MEN’S DAY? And MrMoth will be giving this year’s Christmas ads both barrels, which is not a sex thing.

I’m going to leave you with a trailer for Tangerine, which we saw at the LFF and loved, and which is out today.

3 thoughts on “Mostly Links – Friday the 13th edition

  1. Moth had better not be having a go at that lovely weepy old man and the little girl on the scooter with the telescope!!!!! He better not be!!!!!

  2. In fact if there’s any unseasonable cynicism directed at anyone other than a dead eyed Peter Andre fake-transfixed by a prawn spoon, I’ll be very disappointed.

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