So long / Good Friday

Pierece Brosnan
Pierce ensures MostlyFilm says nice things about GoldenEye in the Bond article

We’re taking a bit of time off for the Easter break. Not having to go to school makes us think about watching old Bond films. And Easter makes us think about this April Fool we published on Easter Monday a couple of years ago. The BFI had a very similar idea this year. But we’re too cool and above-it-all to accuse anyone of ripping us off. Talking about being cool and above it all, here’s what we thought about Darling, which has just been released on Blu-ray and DVD.

And remember, since the true meaning of Easter is nothing to do with Creme Eggs but is instead about the resurrection of an eccentric space-alien, our article about the last ten years of Doctor Who should be part of your celebrations.

See you on the 8th!

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